Top 10 Most Viewed Punjabi Songs of All Time on Youtube

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Popular Punjabi Songs of All Time –

Let’s take a look at the Overall Most Popular Punjabi Songs we have on Youtube. It’s actually quite intriguing to see how Punjabi Songs have become such an integral part of Hindi films over the years. The escalating trend of item songs in movies has yet again increased the demand of Punjabi composers in Bollywood.

10. Hornn Blow by Hardy Sandhu – 95 million+ views

Released in April 2016, this song instantly became hit and emerged as one of the most popular punjabi songs of 2016.


9. Amplifier by Imran Khan – 97 million+ views

This song came out in 2009. Sung by Imran Khan, it was appreciated by all the Punjabis around the world. This song is 8 years old but people still remember this song. Just like the album title said, this song is surely “Unforgettable”.

8. Wakhra Swag by Navv Inder and Badshah – 98 million+ views

The song became instant hit because of its addictive hook line and lyrics. The song featured Badshah along with Navv Inder who was not much famous at that time. This song sky rocketed the career of Navv Inder.


7. Na Ja by Pav Dharia – 107 million+ views

Released at the beginning of 2017, Indian Australian singer-songwriter and actor Pav Dharia’s song “NaJa” continues to rack up hits on YouTube with over 2 million views in just the past week as it edges up on 107 million.


6. Khaab by Akhil – 111 million+ views

Released in February 2016, This romantic song was praised due to sweet voice of Akhil and awesome video concept by Parmish Verma. This song is one of the most viewed punjabi songs on youtube with over 730K Likes.


5. Na Na Na Na by J Star – 111 million+ views

This song might surprise the readers but music video of J-Star’s “NA NA NA NA” has over 76 million views and is one of the most loved song in foreign countries as well. Comments of users from countries like Azerbaijan can be found on the music video. This song is loved because of its addictive Hook Line.


4. High Rated Gabru by Guru Randhawa – 153 Million+ Views

Guru Randhawa is one of the singers, behind the success of industry. He has sung many hits like, ‘Yaar mod do’, ‘Patola’, ‘Suit’, ‘Outfit’, ‘Fashion’ and the latest trending song of the singer is ‘High Rated Gabru’. The song was released in July and in 5 months it has over 150 million views, which is a great achievement for Guru.

3. 3 Peg by Sharry Mann – 166 million+ views

This song came out in December 2016. Even though Mp3 song was leaked before the official release but still the good promotion strategies helped in making this song successful.


2. Backbone by Hardy Sandhu – 170 million+ views

This is one of the latest released song which made it into this list. Released in January 2017, the view count is still increasing day by day. Hardy Sandhu is the only artist to be featured in this list twice.

1. Kala Chashma – Amar Arshi, Badshah, Indeep Bakshi & Neha Kakkar – 340 million+ views

This song’s addition to this list will surely surprise you but this is the most viewed Punjabi Song of all time with over 300 Million Views. “Kala Chashma” song features voice of Amar Arshi and Neha Kakkar. This song is remake of Amar Arshi’s song of same name which released in 2000. The 2016 version features Katrina Kaif and Sidharth Malhotra but retained original vocals of Amar Arshi. Even though Badshah’s Rap is in Hindi but most of the song is in Punjabi Language.

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Note – Views count as of 08 November 2017.

 *”Blue Eyes” Song is totally in Hindi except the Hook Line.
** Similarly “Dheere-Dheere Se” song is Hindi So Don’t say that this list is Biased.